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WordPress Instalation

WordPress is a best CMS which can give you the capacity to maintain you blog or website. If you have a little bit knowledge in the following web technologies you can start creating your own blog.


When I came to know about WordPress I thought it is easier to download and install Worpdress on the server. But this is not that much easy as install sofware in PC. A bit Confusion is there. Don’t worry I am giving this article to avoid that confusion.The following things you need to install wordpress.

1. Apache Server
2.MySQL Database

Installation Steps:-

1. Go To WordPress Official site ( and download the latest version of wordpress software.
2. Step Create a mySQL database using control panel.
3. Now extract the downloaded files and upload to you root server.
4.Ping your URL you can find the following screen

earlier version you need to edit the configuration file latest version don’t to do that once. Click and Create configuration file.
5. Now You can find the following screen click on let’s go

6. Then fill the required details like Database Name, Database User Name, Database Password And Host.

make sure database name and user details.Database name should be existing Database.
7. You can find the following screen, click on Run The Install.

8. Fill The site title and user name password for wp login.

give the blog email ID and check the “Allow my site to appear in search engines like Google and Technorati.”
9.Now you can login in wordpress dashboard
10. Your WordPress blog is ready enjoy the features of wordpress and publish your ideas.